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    These are the coolest water bottles. My organic-garden-healthy-crunchie-yet-techie brother introduced me to these. He like LIVES at Whole Foods. They carry them.
  • Seriously Royal Tunes
    Favorite band of the moment is Kings of Leon. Love, love, love their sound.
  • Trust Me…
    Even though it just got cancelled, I think this is a cool, funny show about the ad biz. On TNT on Tuesday nights…for now.

12 Days of Christmas: Day 12

December 25th, 2008

5:00 am
I wake to the sound of “Honey, Honey, the power went out.” Sure enough, I sit up and blink for a few seconds before my eyes adjust to basically cave darkness. My husband makes his way to the closet to get the battery-powered lantern. We put it by the bed, hoping the kids don’t wake up and get scared.

7:00 am
Faint sunlight is coming through the windows as the kids get up. With no power and no Christmas tree lights to turn on, we open all the shades and set the lantern up by the tree. Their enthusiasm for what Santa has left for them (big dollhouse, jungle set) is in no way diminished by the lack of light.

7:05 am
Thank goodness I had coffee left in the pot from our Christmas Eve festivities. I make a tall glass of ice coffee and enjoy it along with one of Santa’s left over cookies.

7:25 am
The living room is a sea of wrapping paper, toys and boxes.

7:45 am
It’s starting to get a little chilly with the heat not on.

8:01 am
Power! Lights! Heat! Hot coffee!!

8:02 am - 6:45 pm
Playing with toys, a call from Grammy and Bah, Italian feast at Nana and Papa’s, playing with cousins, more presents, more playing, a quick American Idol Karaoke Game rematch with my better half (I won by the way), more eating, and rooting for the Celtics against the Lakers.

6:46 pm
The excitement of the day starts to take it’s toll on our young ones. Melt-downs, tears, time to head home.

9:02 pm
The children are all nestled, all snuggled in bed…..

9:08 pm
The house is a wreck, there are boxes and toys everywhere…and I plan to let it stay that way for at least another day.

We only get to do this once a year and I don’t want the warm glow of Christmas to fade just yet…

Even if the power goes out again.

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