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Hand Picked

  • Sip your Sigg
    These are the coolest water bottles. My organic-garden-healthy-crunchie-yet-techie brother introduced me to these. He like LIVES at Whole Foods. They carry them.
  • Seriously Royal Tunes
    Favorite band of the moment is Kings of Leon. Love, love, love their sound.
  • Trust Me…
    Even though it just got cancelled, I think this is a cool, funny show about the ad biz. On TNT on Tuesday nights…for now.

Things I Did Over the Last Few Days That I Should Be Embarrassed About

March 4th, 2009

1. Dipped a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie in a tub of Duncan Hines chocolate frosting, took a big scoop, and ate it. And loved it.

2. Ran errands wearing super-sweaty gym clothes, clunky ugly black snow boots from Sears, no makeup and the gray roots of my hair in full force because I haven’t been to the hair dresser yet for my 5-week touch-up.

3. Accidentally left the keys in the car WITH THE CAR RUNNING during my daughter’s 45-minute ballet class, forever leaving my gigantic carbon footprint in the parking lot.

4. Let my daughter eat gummi bears and a McDonald’s Happy Meal in the same afternoon (but I did get apple slices vs. fries).

5. Rented the movie “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” and did not ask for my money back.

6. Watched “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” while sipping Jim Beam on the rocks because there was no other alcohol in the house.

7. Told my friend if she took me on her family vacation to Mexico I’d be her nanny.

8. Pulled into a gas station on total fumes because I was too anxious to get to Target earlier and didn’t want to waste time getting gas even though the “Low Fuel” light was on.

9. Ordered 3 tankini bathing suits from Victoria Secret only to have to promptly return them and realize there’s a reason I haven’t worn a Victoria Secret bathing suit since I was 25.

10. Ate more Thin Mints and thought that the Girl Scouts must have diabolically altered those darn things and added a highly addictive substance…and realized yet again, that this is the longest winter ever.

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