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  • Twilight homeclick
    OK, so my friend introduced me to this series of books and I’m HOOKED. Romance and suspense meets a bit of sci-fi. A total “read 100 pages without stopping” book.
  • Happy Feet, Fun Music
    So this soundtrack really is great..for you, and for the kids. You can dance, you can sing, you can shake your groove thing.


March 3rd, 2008

Within the circle of gals that I hang with, we communicate a great deal via email. This is mostly because we can’t hear each other on the phone over the constant noise of toddlers, and it allows us, if needed, to discuss scenarios, topics and observations that are not always appropriate for young ears. But as much time as I spend at the keyboard, I find myself absolutely marveling at the speed and ease with which the teenage set (my niece and babysitter included) can write complex messages on their cell phones and computers in a few acronyms. Remember when we used to pass notes in class on actual paper? Well the days of slipping a piece of wadded-up Mead to your BFF during Biology are over my friends. So here are a few acronyms of our own, just so we can pretend we’re still cool.

The HeyGirlMommaGo Top 10 Acronyms for Busy Gals

  1. GGWOOL – Gotta go, wild offspring on the loose
    “See you at the playground later, GGWOOL.”
  2. HDDD4C-W1 - Hitting Dunkin Donuts drive thru for a cappuccino, want one?
    Self explanatory.
  3. BAG – Blow a gasket
    “Ugh! There’s a flood in our garage, my cell phone completely died and the snow plow knocked down our mailbox, for the second time! I’m about to BAG!!!”
  4. PKAC – Pre-kids abs and chest
    “I saw this adorable sundress today, but please, it’s so PKAC.”
  5. NUSFE – Need you to stop for essentials
    “Honey, call me on your way home from work, NUSFE (and the latest Vanity Fair).”
  6. FOSHO – For sure
    This is not technically an acronym but I love the very funny yet, at times, super crude humor of the movie SuperBad, in which one of the main characters, Seth, proclaims his approval by saying, “Fo’ sho’!” So this one’s for you Seth…”I’d love to have a girl’s night out Saturday! FOSHO!”
  7. W911 – Wardrobe emergency
    “W911! Couldn’t find anything at the mall tonight..can I borrow your black slingbacks for Saturday night?”
  8. IOBHPM – If only Beyonce had picked me as a back-up dancer life would be much more exciting than it is at this particular moment. “Hey girl, how was your weekend? I cleaned out the hall closet and finished painting the bathroom. Sigh. IOBHPM.”
  9. IFO – I feel old
    “IFO. My sitter just told me she was born in 1993.”
  10. ILSHIWW – I laughed so hard it was a workout
    “Did you see that episode last night? ILSHIWW! But not so much that I can wear that PKAC sundress, IFO, FOSHO! If I don’t get out of the house soon I might BAG, so I’ll grab pizza and come over? HDDD4C-W1?”

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