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Hand Picked

  • Twilight
    OK, so my friend introduced me to this series of books and I’m HOOKED. Romance and suspense meets a bit of sci-fi. A total “read 100 pages without stopping” book.
  • Happy Feet, Fun Music
    So this soundtrack really is great..for you, and for the kids. You can dance, you can sing, you can shake your groove thing.

Picturing Summer

August 24th, 2008

Yesterday we were lucky enough to be invited to a friend’s beach house for the day. So mid-morning we packed up the car with towels, sunscreen, bug spray, hats, sunglasses, a cooler, etc. (there’s always et cetera when you go to the beach) and we drove north to the shore. They have a gorgeous house on a beach with a beautiful view of white sand, boats, birds, rocks and blue sky. A bunch of other friends made the trek too, and in all, we totaled 14 kids from ages 2-7 (and one to make their debut in a couple of weeks). They had a ball digging in the sand, climbing the rocks looking for crabs and minnows, taking turns in the inflatable boat and chasing each other with squirt toys.

The adults had just as much fun wading through the water, watching from lawn chairs, tossing a football and doling out snacks. We chatted about the upcoming school year, what we’d done over the summer, and other beach-worthy topics. We’ve all become friends in the last few years through our kids…bonding while we sit on the sidelines at gymnastic classes, preschool functions, and playgroups. And it was fun to have a day to relax together.

As the afternoon wore on, we all decided to head to a famous local clam shack for dinner. We ate fried clams, drank cold beer, laughed and talked, and passed around onion rings. And when we shifted our beach-going party outside to the ice cream stand, we stood in line and tried to keep the kids within arm’s reach and away from the water hose that hung on the side of the building (there was one mishap involving a wet 4-year old).

Although our large, young brood was starting to fade from a fun day in the sun, we all hung around the porch, eating our ice cream. The sun was setting and the air was starting to get just a little cool. As we all stood around enjoying our rainbow sherbet and mint chocolate chip, I looked around and realized…

None of us wanted this day to end.

All dozen of us parents knew we were pushing the limits of our kid’s good moods, and that we still had at least a 40 minute drive home. But we just didn’t want to go. Eventually though, we said our quick goodbyes and drove off into the sunset.

My friend Dee emailed us all this morning and shared that she got teary on the way home realizing how lucky we are to have a day like that, with each other. To have friends that our kids will grow up with. Another friend said that on the car ride home last night her daughter declared, “Mommy, this is my favorite day of the whole summer!”

Before the ice cream, I had taken a group shot of all the kids behind the restaurant. Some were smiling, some goofing off, others were squinting, looking down, or making silly faces. But the minor chaos of the picture perfectly captures the essence of a summer day with friends.

Labor Day is next weekend and it will unofficially mark the end of the season. But now I’m totally ready.

We just had the perfect summer day, with a great photo finish.

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