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Why Husbands Aren’t Allowed to Shop for School Supplies

August 24th, 2010

This conversation took place in my kitchen an hour ago…

Husband: “I think I’ll take the kids school supply shopping this weekend.”

Me: “What?!…Why?”

Husband: “He (our son) got a letter in the mail from his teacher today Looking, with a list, so I thought I’d take them.

Me: (whipping my head around to face him) “What!?! What do you mean? Is it a new, revised list best product management courses cost or a supplement to the one we already got earlier this summer?? We’re not supposed to substitute stuff you know. What’s on it??”

Husband: “I dunno. It had things like, you know, blue folders, green folders, sanitary napkins, wait no… hand sanitizer..stuff like that.”

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